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2019 EDM Council Data Management Benchmark Survey

The EDM Council is conducting its 2019 Biennial Industry Benchmark study on the current state of data management. The 2019 Benchmark will include participation from multiple industries, in addition to the global financial industry, making this the first cross-industry study of the state of data management.

This industry benchmark utilizes the framework of EDM Council’s DCAM® (Data Management Capability Assessment Model) to ensure that all participants can anonymously participate as well as consistently measure the effectiveness of their data management and analytics programs. The results will provide valuable insights to help firms understand their capabilities to drive successful initiatives across digital transformation, advanced analytics, AI and ML.

The 2019 Benchmark Study is conducted in partnership with EDM Council members Publicis Sapient and Ortecha, and is powered by Pellustro. The results will be published in November 2019, and will be made available to all EDM Council members as well as all non-member participants.

The survey will take approximately 30 minutes to complete, and the deadline is Friday, October 25. Thank you for your participation.

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